Company Mission Statement:

Walker Schooler District Managers’ people have a track record of helping to build great projects, companies, communities, and neighborhoods in our City. We have decades of experience and you can rely on us to be committed to making you successful.  We consistently bring the skills, energy and commitment to ensure that our part of the team, the Special District, is efficient and effective as your project matures.  We can’t wait to start!

Meet our WSDM, LLC Team

Terry E. Schooler, Founder and Consultant

Mr. Schooler has over 35 years of professional experience in all phases of special district management, land development, entitlement, and construction management.  He is an expert in property enhancement and acquisition, coordinating, planning and engineering professionals.  Mr. Schooler has extensive experience working with regulatory staff and governmental agencies.

Kevin Walker, President

Kevin Walker has over 40 years in the business of real estate planning, development, and management in a variety of positions in the greater Pikes Peak region.  Kevin has been involved in Title 32 special districts since 1986 with the formation and bond issuance of the Northgate Public Building Authority.  Since then, he is involved in the formation and operations of more than 40 special districts as an officer and manager.  Armed with a master’s degree in City Planning, Kevin has worked for public agencies and major community developers as well as a principal in a number of his projects, Kevin has lived in Colorado Springs for his entire professional career.  Married with 4 children and 5 grandchildren, Kevin has senior management and marketing responsibility for Walker Schooler District Managers.  As an owner of the business, Kevin takes great pride in the customer service focus of the company and is always available to talk to clients, residents, ratepayers and anyone who comes in contact with Walker Schooler District Managers!

Rebecca Hardekopf, Director of District Financial Services/ District Manager

Rebecca joined Walker Schooler District Managers in 2015 and has primary responsibility for all services-billing, including software/hardware management, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.  Rebecca is the valued assistant to the President of our company while routinely monitoring bookkeeping, account management, and researching while taking on the role of District Manager.  She is also our website manager for our site and oversees our District’s sites.  She is a College Graduate holding a degree in Accounting and Criminal Justice with certifications in Bookkeeping and Community Association Management.  Her skills make her a valued and resourceful employee for our clients and residents.

Riley Walker, Assistant District Manager

Riley Walker joined Walker Schooler District Managers in the Summer of 2017 as a seasonal employee. He took on the role to manage the numerous summer projects within our Districts, like; backflow testing coordinator, Landscape upkeep, Community checks, and much more. He graduated from the University of Puget Sound in 2013 with a Bachelor’s in English. Being a Colorado Springs Native he brings a knowledge of the uniqueness that Colorado Springs holds to better serve our El Paso County communities. Starting in 2019, as a full-time employee, he will be expanding his projects that he can continue to manage throughout our communities providing the proper assistance to the President of the Company and District Managers in our office. This helps ensure the company’s growth while providing more detail for our El Paso County communities.

Kalilah Anderson, Administrative Professional

Kalilah is the newest employee at Walker Schooler District Managers, joining the team May of 2019. Priding herself in unapparelled customer service, Kalilah serves as the undercurrent of hospitality and her attention to detail; our clients enjoy when working with Walker Schooler District Managers. Her primary duties include utility billing, fee collection, record retention, and customer relations. Before settling in Colorado with her two kids, Kalilah enjoyed a career teaching English in Japan.  A Fordham University graduate, Kalilah has diverse expertise across various industries, which allows her to make dynamic connections with the community and the public we serve through our District Management.

Kristina Kulick, Administrative Professional

Kristina Kulick joined Walker Schooler District Managers in 2018 and has taken on the role of transcribing all Board Meeting Minutes as well as attending all Board Meetings.  Along with her knowledge of all Board relations, she also completes annual reporting and assists District Managers as much as possible, including editing and managing District websites. She moved from Dallas, Texas where her professional career got its start and development to Colorado Springs, Colorado in 2016.  She moved here with her husband, two dogs and now two-year-old son. Kristina’s diverse background and knowledge in customer service, administration, and property management will help Walker Schooler District Managers to continue to grow and become a successful company in all future endeavors.
Stacy Busche, Director of District Accounting Services

Stacy joined Walker Schooler District Managers in 2020 as the Director of District Accounting Services. Primary responsibilities for Stacy include overseeing best practices while monitoring internal controls, GASB standards, budgeting, reconciliations of journals, grant reporting, and preparing financial reports. Stacy holds an M.B.A. from Texas A&M University. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Tarleton State University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Western Governors University. Stacy formally held the position of Senior Accountant for a large Colorado Springs non-profit. Her experience also includes ten years as an accountant for a successful small business. Stacy moved to Colorado Springs in 2017. She loves the mountain views and cooler weather. Stacy enjoys playing tennis and exploring the numerous trails with her husband and daughter.