Bradley Heights Metropolitan Districts 1, 2, and 3 were established in 2010 as three districts, including an infrastructure district, a residential taxing district, and a commercial taxing district. The current certified mill levies include 10 mills for Operation and Maintenance and 30 mills for Debt Service. Bradley Heights is located on 529 acres in the southeast area of Colorado Springs, and is convenient to the Colorado Springs Airport. The District is surrounded by wide open plains and natural grasses, with clear views of the Cheyenne Mountain Range and Pikes Peak. 

Current Board of Directors

Randle W. Case II, President – Term to May 2023

Bryan T. Long, Vice-President – Term to May 2023

Lindsay J. Case, Treasurer/Secretary – Term to May 2023

Robert Case, Assistant Secretary – Term to May 2022

Vacant, Assistant Secretary – Term to May 2022

2021 Regular meetings of the Board are scheduled for the second Tuesday of each month at 9:00 a.m. at Case International, 119 N Wahsatch Ave, Colorado Springs, Colorado.

2022 Board Meeting Agendas & Packets 2022 Board Meeting Minutes
1-11-2022 BHMD Meeting Agenda and Packet1-11-2022 BHMD Meeting Minutes
2021 Board Meeting Agendas & Packets2021 Board Meeting Minutes
2-9-2021 BHMD Meeting Agenda and Packet
3-9-2021 BHMD Meeting Agenda
4-13-2021 BHMD Meeting Agenda
5-11-2021 BHMD Meeting Agenda
6-8-2021 BHMD Meeting Agenda and Packet
7-13-2021 BHMD Meeting Agenda and Packet
8-10-2021 BHMD Meeting Agenda and Packet
9-14-2021 BHMD Meeting Agenda and Packet
10-12-2021 BHMD Meeting Agenda and Packet
11-9-2021 BHMD Meeting Agenda and Packet
12-14-2021 BHMD Meeting Agenda and Packet
2-9-2021 BHMD Meeting Minutes
3-9-2021 BHMD Meeting Minutes
4-13-2021 BHMD Meeting Minutes
5-11-2021 BHMD Meeting Minutes
6-8-2021 BHMD Meeting Minutes
7-13-2021 BHMD Meeting Minutes
8-10-2021 BHMD Meeting Minutes
9-14-2021 BHMD Meeting Minutes
9-28-2021 BHMD Continued Meeting Minutes
10-12-2021 BHMD Meeting Minutes
11-9-2021 BHMD Meeting Minutes
2020 Board Meeting Agendas & Packets2020 Board Meeting Minutes
12-8-2020 BHMD Meeting Agenda12-8-2020 BHMD Meeting Minutes
Important District Documents
BHMD1 District Map
BHMD2 District Map
BHMD3 District Map

BHMD1-3 Amended Service Plan
BHMD1-3 Consolidated Service Plan

BHMD Transparency Notice (2021)
Financial Documents
BHMD1 2020 Audit Exemption
BHMD2 2020 Audit Exemption
BHMD3 2020 Audit Exemption

BHMD1 2019 Audit Exemption
BHMD2 2019 Audit Exemption
BHMD3 2019 Audit Exemption

BHMD1 2021 Amended Budget and 2020 Amended
BHMD2 2021 Amended Budget and 2020 Amended
BHMD3 2021 Amended Budget and 2020 Amended

BHMD1-3 2020 Budget and 2019 Amended

*The monthly unaudited financial statements can be found in the Board Meeting Packets above.
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Election Information
2020 Colorado Special District Election Manual
2020 Election Timeline Visual
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