High Plains Ranch Metropolitan District is a residential single conventional Title 32 Special Metropolitan District.  All property owners within the boundaries of this district who are otherwise eligible as electors within the State of Colorado has the opportunity to fully participate in future elections of the district and are eligible to run for Director positions when these positions become open.

The primary active purpose of the district is to construct a central water system and related improvements such as wells, pipelines, distribution and treatment facilities, pumping stations, storage tanks, fire hydrants, along with other Special District Act authorized improvements such as wastewater, streets, bridges, traffic controls and signage, drainage and stormwater improvements, mosquito control, and park and recreation facilities. The district will own and maintain some improvements for the use and benefit of the district’s inhabitants and taxpayers like the central water system. Other public improvements not accepted by appropriate governmental entities for ongoing ownership, operations and/or maintenance, may be owned, operated and/or maintained by the district.

District Maps

High Plains Ranch Metropolitan District Boundary Map

Board Meeting Packets and Agendas

February 9, 2021 Board Meeting Packet and Agenda

March 9, 2021 Board Meeting Packet and Agenda

April 13, 2021 Board Meeting Packet and Agenda

May 11, 2021 Board Meeting Agenda

June 8, 2021 Board Meeting Agenda and Packet